COWRIE KISSES Tie Dye Twist Headband

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Stylish elasticated hand-dyed brocade headband designed to look like a head wrap. Easy to wear- style your hair in seconds with this cute turban style band.

From the 'Legacy' Collection comes this unique, one-of-a-kind headband. Exquisite brocade fabric is lovingly hand-dyed by local Yoruba artisans in Ogun State, Nigeria using centuries’ old technique to produce what is known as ‘Adirė’.  We then hand cut the 'Adire' fabric to sew stylish, contemporary hair accessories. A flawless fusion of culture, tradition and craftsmanship to create a timeless adornment. An everyday crown for modern living.

Care instructions: Wash on cold with similar colors (or hand wash), and hang to dry. Do not tumble dry.

Headband: Stretches 21-24 inches around the head.

DESIGN: Due to the nature of print fabric, the pattern on your headband might not be exactly the same as the sample images.

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